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Leadership Development Events

(Conferences & Conventions)

FFA leadership conferences may last from a few days up to a week. They provide a chance for members to focus on their leadership skills and personal growth. Most often, they include recreation and fun, too. The FFA Organization provides several leadership and personal growth conferences that can make an impact in a local FFA chapter and community. These conferences give members the chance to develop and refine skills that will create a lifetime of leadership.

Greenhand Leadership Conference (GLC)

1st year FFA members

Location: Paso Robles, California 

Members are able to separate into break out workshops where the attention is focused on a smaller group of members. In these break out groups they compete against each other in competitions throughout the day. Members gain leadership and team skills through competition, while focusing on the future that the FFA has to offer them.

Each participant will:

  • Gain Agriculture Industry Awareness.

  • Develop a sense of belonging to the FFA.

  • Identify Opportunities in the FFA.

  • Become motivated and seek more involvement in the organization.

  • Leave with a personal set of individual strategic goals for their future GLC.


Made For Excellence Conference (MFE)

Designed for 10th Grade Students

Location: Monterey, California 

This conference is targeted toward sophomore FFA members. The motivation, excitement, and education gained from this conference will help to enhance the self-esteem and personal development of all who attend. Each of the conferences is designed for a 24 hour period over two days hosted at various spots throughout the state during the winter months.

Each participant will:

  • Define leadership and identify how to be a leader in one's home and community.

  • Explore the role of choices and responsibility in character development.

  • Investigate personal strengths and interests.

  • Identify specific opportunities for involvement in FFA and continued leadership growth.

  • Revise the personal plan of action introduced at the Greenhand Leadership Conference.


Advanced Leadership Academy (ALA)

Designed for 11th Grade Students

Location: Monterey, California 

The academy is focused on the junior students within the chapter. This activity will bring focus to the agriculture industry. Each of the conferences is designed for a twenty-four hour period over two-days hosted at various spots throughout the state during the winter months.
Each participant will:

  • Be exposed to how industry leaders and organizations play an important role in promoting agriculture.

  • Create an understanding of issues that affect the agriculture industry, and

  • Develop present an oral argument on one of the identified issues.


Sacramento Leadership Experience (SLE)

Designed for 12th Grade Students

Location: Sacramento, California 


The Sacramento Leadership Experience culminates four years of personal leadership development. Students will have the opportunity to learn from experiences at our state capital.
Each participant will:

  • Gain Knowledge of How our Government Functions and its Policies from Conferences Presenters as well as Elected Representatives.

  • Create an Understanding of Current Issues Affecting the Agriculture Industry and our World.

  • Be Exposed to State Representatives who will Stimulate and Motivate the Participants to Become Active Industry Leaders and Concerned Citizens.


State Leadership Conference

Designed for All Students

Location: Sacramento, California 


The state FFA Conference is a very rewarding and challenging learning experience that gives the members an insight into the magnitude of the FFA organization. Every student is sure to walk away from this conference with a positive attitude, many new friends, and the desire to reach their highest aspirations.

State Conference.jpg

National FFA Convention

Designed for All Students

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

This is the largest youth conference in the world, with student members and representatives from every state in the union numbering over 55,000 participants. Activities include tours, motivational speakers, the national career show, and the national finals career development events and proficiency awards.

National Convention.png

Washington Leadership Conference (WLC)

Designed for 11th & 12th Grade Students

Location: Washington D.C. 

FFA provides exceptional leadership training to students of all experience levels through utilization of a three-part, cohesive conference series called the Chapter Leadership Continuum. The final conference in this series is the Washington Leadership Conference (WLC). The WLC curriculum is based on four tenets: ME, WE, DO and SERVE. Building upon each of these four tenets gets students to the overall objective of the conference which is becoming an engaged citizen who can make a measurable positive difference in their community. Each of these tenets are taught during a full dedicated day of the conference and through the context of our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. WLC provides FFA members with a premier leadership experience while exposing them to the rich history that DC has to offer.

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